[ardour-dev] template components

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 25 03:34:16 PST 2006

Repeating the same actions indicates a chance to
improve efficiency. Every engineer in any studio finds
methods that work for their physical facility. We
develop habits based on these experiences; kick =
alsa_pcm:playback_1 in the studios of every
experienced engineer in the world. It never changes.

Ardour Templates
We never know what instrument tracks will be needed
during recording sessions. If I can create an object
called "Guitar Track" then after recording drums, bass
and keyboard I can add the object to my session and
know that it's routes and inserts are in place.

With components singers in a vocal both don't have to
stand around waiting for me to configure six more
vocal tracks. It's frustrating for musicians to wait
for engineers.


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