[ardour-dev] Port Registration Bug

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 15:55:34 PST 2006

Ok so I said I was done... and moved on, but this one was just to weird 
and should go down into the annals of How the HELL did that happen?

Namely, I got the voice over session to open, and one track was music 
that I had used to record some vocal parts on top of for these characters...

The music ORIGINALLY was "Comedy Tonight" from "A Funny Thing Happened 
on the Way to the Forum"

I played it just to check and make sure everything was fine, and the 
music is apparently NOW some country song that I havent heard.  What is 
especially wierd about this is country music has never touched this 
computer as it was a recent purchase and I dont tend to listen to country...

And of course I am the only one to use this computer thus far.

So, I have absolutely no clue how this one could happen, not even 
willing to say it is a bug in Ardour, but I figured some people might 
get a little enjoyment out of knowing that country music is a virus that 
infects your isntallations of ardour;)


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