[ardour-dev] shots of qjackctl with ardour/jamin at work together...

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Thu Jan 26 23:10:51 PST 2006

Quoting Jan Depner <eviltwin69 at cableone.net>:

> On Thu, 2006-01-26 at 14:15 -0800, tim Gorman wrote:
> > Does anyone have some screen shots of qjackctl with ardour/jamin at
> work 
> > together...
> > I'd like to know how to  "wire" it up ;)
> > can it be done for just one track? multiple runs of jamin?
> > will jamin ever be a plugin?
> > thanks
>     JAMin won't ever be a plugin, it's way too CPU heavy.  It's very
> easy to wire up qjackctl, Ardour, and JAMin.  The simplest way is to
> route the master bus outputs from Ardour to the JAMin inputs, then route
> the JAMin outputs to your hardware outs (to your speakers / headphone
> amp / whatever).  In this configuration you can play with the mastering

Another option (and my favourite one) is to create an insert in the master
bus and route the insert outputs to jamin and jamin's inserts to the insert
inputs. This way jamin sits nicely "inside" ardour and you can export the
mastered version very easily. Also bypassing jamin is very easy vy either
pressing the bypass button, or by disabling the insert.

This method does have one problem though, jamin automatically connects to
the first two hardware outputs. You need to disconnect this connection,
otherwise you will hear the track twice. Once from jamin -> outputs and
second time from master bus -> outputs. It will not sound nice.. :)

On the other hand, Jan was suggesting that this way you can do mastering
_while_ you are mixing. I never do that, so I don't have experience with
that sort of setups. I first mix each song to float wav's and create a new
session with one stereo track per song, "embed" the wavs (import without
copying the huge files in vain) and create the jamin insert in that session.
This way i can control the relative volumes of each track first and then
fiddle with jamin. You can then use the jamin control ladspa to automate
jamin scene (=parameter setup, jamin can handle multiple scenes which can
then be switched via the GUI or the plugin) changes in ardour.

 Good Jamin'

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