[ardour-dev] mantis 0001172: confirm resolved

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Thu Jan 19 07:47:42 PST 2006


i've compiled the latest cvs tarball to test the fix for "0001172: 
Crossfades disappear when changing region length and then Ctl-Z (with 
sometime crash)". initial tests of cases which were previously 
guaranteed to cause problems are yielding no problems at this time.

i'll report back if anything related still seems to be happening.

huge, huge thanks for the quick response to this issue! large numbers of 
crossfades are common in my work, and i have some commercial projects 
with looming deadlines.... this will let things proceed nicely! 
(yeah.... i know..... doing large commercial projects on beta cvs 
software is asking for trouble, but ardour is more stable than much 
commercial software available now.)


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