[ardour-dev] Some crashes

Petter Sundlöf petter.sundlof at findus.dhs.org
Thu Jan 12 04:57:53 PST 2006

Since there's no known bugs list anywhere (except going through the 
previous mails here, which I did).

- 'z' for Zoom tool doesn't work. ditto for shift-G et cetera. I guess 
this is because these don't have a menu entry yet. How about a 
Transport>Tools submenu?

- Ctrl+Right click on a Plugin to bring up the Plug-in Editor crashes 

- The Recent dialogue requires selection + OK button press. At least 
double click on a session should open it, or even single click as before 
(then with no buttons). Or why not make Recent a submenu? This makes 
more sense to me

- Modified accels are not saved (for example if I set Editor and Mixer 
to F2 and F3 respectively, it is not remembered on a restart.

- Ardour does not honor the state of automation tracks. I opened a 
session in ardour1, and set the automation for some plugins to visible. 
Saved. WHen opening in ardour2 these were not visible.

- Metering is very odd. I press play, it works fine for 1sec, then gets 
really weird. See this animated GIF: 

- I cannot decrease the height of a window to less of the height the 
tracks take up.

Finally, ardour2 is very noticeably slower at loading large sessions. 
About 1/3 or ardour1's speed.

And a dumb aside: I don't understand some of the colour choices in the 
theme: namely the turqoise and lime green colours for some selected 
buttons. Or why region names are bright red.

Great work and thanks for the progress. I'll be happy to work on the 
translation soon again. Will it require a total reworking or will it be 
easy to migrate it?

Best regards,
Petter Sundlöf

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