[ardour-dev] new feature: export all ranges

Andre Raue dawng at raue.info
Tue Jan 10 18:39:25 PST 2006

Andre Raue wrote:
> Andre Raue wrote:
>>Paul Davis wrote:
>>>could we get you to checkout ardour2 via the CVS snapshot and try to
>>>integrate what you've done into that version?

> I decided to insert another step: Next will be refactoring of the export 
> dialog. I hope to get this done during the next week.

In the attached tar.gz you'll find the refactoring of the ExportDialog 
class. I did less refactoring than I planned originally. But I think 
it's enough for my intention.

In addition I fixed two bugs and renamed the flag IsRange to IsRangeMarker.

Bug 1
The progress bar of the ExportDialog did not work correctly.

Bug 2
CD markers had been exported wrong when exporting a cropped region.
Example: Marker 1 at position 1:00:00. Marker 2 at position 5:00:00.
region cropped, so that it starts at 2:00:00 and ends at 6:00:00. The
TOC/CUE file would have contained an INDEX at 1:00:00 (not at 4:00:00).

Files included in the tar.gz
diff against the cvs-tarball I downloaded at 11th Jan 2006 at 1:32 a.m.
GMT+1. (cvs -Q diff -u -r ardour_2_0_alpha_1 -r export_range_markers_0_5

New file. Not contained in diff_out.

New file. Not contained in diff_out.

New file. Not contained in diff_out.

New file. Not contained in diff_out.

Modified version. Changes are contained in diff_out, too.


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