[ardour-dev] what a night

D R Holsbeck drh at niptron.com
Wed Feb 15 07:08:52 PST 2006

Well Ardour kicked Mackies butt last night ;-)

Our SDR was rather finiky and crashed multiple times. Ardour ran
flawlessly. For a total of about 4 hrs, laying down 19 tracks. First
show was 1hr 15min second was 1hr 40min. Not bad for a 4yr old laptop

I run both units, just in case. In live recording there are no do overs.
And to be fair I have had nights where the roles were reverersed.

My problems with a freezing GUI seems to have been elevaiated by turning
off ACPI. I havent started the mixdown yet, but I feel fairly confident
that it will go well.

It also looks like we will might be providing the PA for 4 gigs in
March, and possibly get involved with installing and maintaining a house
system. So who knows this could turn into a regular thing. We might even
have to start sending Paul roylties.

Hey Ron you missed a great show. You could have even walke there from
your place.


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