[ardour-dev] metaphors and metamorphs

John Rigg ardev at sound-man.co.uk
Tue Feb 7 04:28:59 PST 2006

On Tue, Feb 07, 2006 at 10:16:12AM +0000, Rick wrote:
> Most (well all but maybe Ableton) sound mixing tools are basically
> tape deck metaphors, which at this point seems a bit rustic. That's
> not meant as a slight or anything, its just that people don't think
> like that naturally, and most of the users these days haven't acutally
> seen a tape deck. Also, the metaphor forces linear thinking into a
> situation that is not necessarily a linear circumstance.

DAWs like Pro Tools and Ardour are designed as tools for professional sound
engineers, most of whom have seen a tape deck and are most comfortable
with that way of thinking.
I'm not disputing your comments, just giving the sound engineer's perspective.


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