[ardour-dev] 64 bit users, please test the latest ardour1 CVS

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Feb 1 15:27:20 PST 2006

We've merged the 64 bit optimizations into the codebase and changed
the scons options around a bit.  Any 64 bit user (or anyone else who
feels like it) should check out the new scons options:

DIST_TARGET: Build target for cross compiling packagers
    default: i386
    actual: i386

FPU_OPTIMIZATION: Build runtime checked assembler code (yes|no)
    default: 1
    actual: 1

64 bitters should use DIST_TARGET=x86_64 .  After building, run ardour
with the -o command line option, and watch for the message that shows
that SSE optimizations are enabled.  Then test ardour to make sure
everything sounds and looks right.

The cvs snapshot is updated and ready at:

Thanks in advance!


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