[ardour-dev] segfault when importing existing audio

mart ameise kalinski at amei.se
Tue Aug 22 14:56:42 PDT 2006


maybe someone already noticed this:

i just installed ardour2 from svn,
gcc4.1 compiled without complains...looks great

when i try to import an existing audiofile into a new stereo track,
it crashes with a segfault before opening the import dialog

first i thought it might be a problem with me using freebob as the 
jack driver backend (and ardour tries to open the alsa default device?)

...but same with alsa...

my setup is:

amd turion 64
fedora 5(32bit version)
planetccrma desktop kernel
freebob audio driver 1.0
selfcompiled jack from svn

is this a known bug? 


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