[ardour-dev] feature idea: draggable measure lines

Marc-Olivier Barre mo.barre at netcourrier.com
Mon Apr 24 00:57:16 PDT 2006

>> Just wondering if this would be useful to anybody else...
>> <!-- snip -->
>> Anybody else tried working like this?  Any thoughts on the idea?

>An interesting position to be in, and one that I find myself in too.
>At the back of my mind I keep thinking of Beat-Detective from pro-tools.

I also think it would be greatly valuable. When you record something nice on the fly and want to add some midi tracks with another software, one nice way to do this is to have the right tempo set in ardour. Moreover you get the bars to be in the right place on your "on the fly" recorded tracks.

I tend to think there are 3 tempo editing tools needed to get things right :
1) do it automagically (tricky but usefull with realy regular beats with tempo variations)
2) do it with your eyes : moving bars solution
3) do it with your ears : tempo tap in (with some midi OR a normal keyboard --> not everybody has a midi keyboard at home)
4) I would also suggest a sort of tempo master track that displays tempo as a curve (more convenient for irregular tempi).

I'm not that good at c++ but I could post some bits of algo if it could help.

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