[ardour-dev] Session File Problems

Dan Tepper dan at wintaper.com
Thu Apr 6 05:21:37 PDT 2006

Hello all,

I have been using Ardour for a couple of years now for various projects. 
It has always performed perfectly and has been fast and reliable.
Currently I am working on a large Live CD project with some 40+ wav file 
tracks. On many of the tracks with noise bleed, I remove sections of the 
wav by "splitting" the region and removing the undesirable parts.

The problem is that Ardour seems to "forget" those edits. I opened the 
file the other day and 4 hours of editing were simply gone. I started to 
redo the edits, but when I next re-opened the file, all the missing 
edits were magically back. A few open/closes later they were gone again. 
This has happened several times. Closing and re-opening the file yields 
different results - sometimes edits are there - sometimes they are not. 
I find closing and opening the file eventually gets all the edits back. 
This is rather disconcerting. And recently Ardour has had more and more 
problems with this session file.

It looks like Ardour is having difficulty parsing the "playlist" section 
of the session file. The file is rather large (>700K) so maybe that 
could have something to do with it. There are several hundred edited 
I can provide a link to the gzip'd file if that would help.

-Dan Tepper

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