[ardour-dev] Hey you!

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 2 19:45:21 PDT 2006

Hi Sampo,

I'll post this back to ardour-dev.

> Thanks for the "invitation" to the FSB mailing list.

Thanks for accepting. 

> I haven't seen you around #ardour for a while.

After giving my music away since the early 1980's it's
time to sell. I've never tried before so that's what
I've been working on.

> I wonder if you noticed
> the commits I did on Friday? Now splitting regions
> should copy the
> crossfades properly AND the split will not change
> layering!

I tore into one guitar track of one song by creating a
new playlist, splitting and trimming the underlying
and original region/layer which has eight overdub
regions ontop of it.

Layering appears to be in order.

I'm recording overdubs into the new playlist and now
edited guitar track. No segfaults. It appears the
layers are no longer corrupted.

Maybe something isn't right about the crossfades
because I'm unmuting half of them. I'll try to look
into this more later on.

Region bound envelope fades are also not unmuted; trim
apart two regions where a crossfade exists to
eliminate the crossfade. This leaves ending followed
by starting region bounds. Neither of which has its
envelope fade enabled. They should be unmuted.

> We are hoping to get 0.99.3 out the door quite soon,
> but at least I
> would feel a lot more confident if we got some
> testing in before the
> release. Do you feel up to it?

My tests aren't extensive but it seems the layering is
light years beyound where it was before this version.
For anyone doing lots of layers and new playlists, me,
stability and reliability had all but disappeared.

Let me know if there's another test. If the worst
thing I've gotta deal with in 0.99.3 is manually
unmuting envelopes and crossfades, I'd suggest that
ain't so bad. Incidentally, I have dozens of sessions
with many tracks like the guitar that I tested on
tonight. The song it comes out of has 22 vocal tracks
and they have many more layers in them than the
guitar. I am feeling much better now. I'll try to
hammer these sessions in the next 24 hours.

Thanks much for the fine work,

Ron Parker

> Sampo Savolainen <v2 at iki.fi>

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