[ardour-dev] distortion, noise alsacrackdown with beta 30

Jorge Sandín spesgmd at telefonica.net
Sun Sep 18 04:17:23 PDT 2005

Hi Hartmut

> I made up a complete new session for witch i imported some stereo-wav
> files, edited/mastered with rezound 0.9, 44100/16 standard-wav-format.
> No extreme behaviour so far but also unbearable crackling noises and
> occasionally some strange distortion that reminds me of artifacts as
> produced by the time-streching-tool (if overused).
> two questions:
> 1.) is there anybody else out there experiencing something like this and
> is there a workaround?
> 2.) could this be an issue with alsa and/or with its ice1712-driver?

1) I also updated from Ardour beta29 to beta30, and got strange crackling 
noises on a track in a old beta29 session, I'm quite sure It's because I have 
in that track a "delayorama" LADSPA plugin (prefader). When It's playing for 
some time, it start getting more and more noise... (It sounded right before 
with beta29). At this moment I don't know if there's a workaround for that, 
(appart from bypass the plugin) but I'll send the session to Sampo 
Savolainen, and he'll look at it...

2) My system is:
Suse 9.2 with 2.6.8-24.18-default kernel (no RT module/patch)
512 MB RAM 400MHz
Cheap Creative SB
Ardour beta30 (release)
JACK 0.100

"Free as in Freedom" SpeS G.M.D.

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