[ardour-dev] Hello Mailing Lists and a couple questions

Reuben Martin reuben.m at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 11:17:11 PDT 2005

On 9/14/05, Benjamin Racher <bracher at iupui.edu> wrote:
> Hello,
> I thought I'd sign up for the list considering i've been a very proud
> ardour user for some time now and am looking to get up to my neck in
> audio software development.
> First, let me tell you about my current activities. I'm a student at
> IUPUI, where I'm starting a student radio station. However, we have an
> extremely tight budget for our baby steps, which is one of the reasons
> I'm exploring all the linux software (aside from its incredible
> flexibility).
> So... starting a radio station, also trying to start a record label, and
> zine for my friends bands, record albums, etc... Also trying to do
> Computer Science so I can learn about recursive functions and all the
> math jibber jabber. Would love to pursue software radio some day.
> Blah blah blah...
> Secondly, thank you developers for writing ardour. It has been
> incredibly useful. We've recorded a total of 2 albums using ardour,
> nothing magnificent, but its a start. It feels great to be taking steps
> away from commercial software.
> Now that I've overly introduced myself, I have a couple questions. For
> the radio station, we need an on-air console. However, just today I
> discovered a cheaper solution to the typical $10,000 audio consoles:
> control surfaces. I see from the site that ardour plans to work with the
> mackie control surface, is there any existing functionality with any
> control surfaces? If so, I could purchase a control surface for the
> station, use it with ardour and solve the mixing console problem? Would
> cueing be a possibility this way? Can ardour be expanded and used for
> broadcast applications in addition to its already outstanding production
> capabilities? I'd be happy to test this stuff out.

Ardour will (theoretically) work with any midi based control surface.
I'm not sure that will fill broadcast needs though. Studio Production
and Broadcast, while somewhat related, work on very different
principals. You may want to look here instead:
> Amazingly, almost all the stations technical requirements can be
> satisfied using linux software. Been experimenting with
> http://livesupport.campware.org for our automation software. Using
> ardour and audacity for production. JAMIN as our compressor for
> mastering and as final element in our signal path before it hits the
> tower. JACK as the all purpose audio routing mechanism. Darkice and
> icecast for streaming. Go Linux!
> Finally, I noticed that the future for ardour's license looks like it
> might be closed-source. Is this true? I understand that we all have to
> make money, I just wondered if somebody could clarify this.

That would be a bit hard to do given the GPL license.

> Thanks! Apologies for rambling and the flurry of questions, hope to hear
> back from you.
> - Ben

ardour-dev is not the place to ask these types of questions. Try
subscribing to either the Linux Audio Users mailing list or Ardour
Users mailing list. I'm CCing this to the LAU where you may actually
get your questions answered.

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