[ardour-dev] [PATCH] correct update of _transport_position

Karsten Wiese annabellesgarden at yahoo.de
Sat Oct 22 11:12:16 PDT 2005


this not that critical, as the only buggy update appears under
this comment:
	/* something isn't right, but we should move with the master
	   for now.
here the patch changes
	jack_nframes_t frames_moved
where jack_nframes_t is unsigned, into
	long frames_moved
so that the following
	if (frames_moved < 0)
behaves like in the other 2 occurrences of this construct.
Without patch, decrement_transport_position ()
wont ever be called here.

The patch creates the new function
	void Session::update_transport_position (uint32_t val)
and replaces the 3 occurrences of
	if (frames_moved < 0) {
		decrement_transport_position (-frames_moved);
	} else {
		increment_transport_position (frames_moved);
with calls to it.

This might be unsafe in
	Session::process_without_events (jack_nframes_t nframes),
where the original code is:
	frames_moved = (long) floor (_transport_speed * nframes);

	if (process_routes (nframes, 0)) {
		no_roll (nframes, 0);

	commit_diskstreams (nframes, session_needs_butler);

	if (frames_moved < 0) {
		decrement_transport_position (-frames_moved);
	} else {
		increment_transport_position (frames_moved);
Patch is only correct here, if _transport_speed isn't updated under
process_routes() or commit_diskstreams ().

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