[ardour-dev] Proposed editing mode, for users with heavy editing needs

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 19 08:29:19 PDT 2005


> > Given the many possibilies in ardour to configure
> and route these things, I 
> > don't see how that can possibly be enough except
> for the most basic case.
> > How do you decide how many channels the bus has
> for instance.
> > So adding a track or a bus will always need some
> dialog to give the number of 
> > channels. 
> Yes but nowhere near the time or effort needed in
> ardour right now to do them

Improved templating and components could help. A
template titled "record" describes the track count and
routing that works with my physical rooms and hardware
but as any job progresses we add new tracks to the
Ardour session.

Pop music production is very formulamatic. The backing
vocal parts for a typical rock song are a great
example. Consider a three part harmony where every
note/part is recorded twice--once each for left and
right speakers. This requires six 1in, 2out tracks
where three are panned hard left and three hard right.

User Definable Session Components
The user builds a component titled "3partBckVox". The
i/o, routes, plugins, inserts are defined and the
component can be used in any session.

The components become available through the Add
Track/Bus interface.


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