[ardour-dev] [Fwd: ardour porting to GTK+-2 caveats]

Rob Buse rcb at filter24.org
Thu Oct 13 18:25:14 PDT 2005

I'll definatly 2nd this opinion.  The bulk of the work when I ported
seq24 over to gtkmm 2.x was dealing with Pango.  It was so slow that
seq24 was unusable.  I had to create my own font rendering helpers.


>sorry to bug you directly, but I caught a post of yours on slashdot regarding
>ardour being ported to GTK=2.x  I did that to some of my apps and hit several
>things that may cause you problems.  Teh main thing is it's about 3-12x slower,
>and text rendering is the primary problem. (the main fault isn't necessarily in
>GTK+ (though it IS slower and more bloated in the 2.x trees) it's with Pango.

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