[ardour-dev] code monkey call in

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Oct 5 08:58:39 PDT 2005

Thanks to the hard work of Taybin Rutkin and also Nick Mainsbridge, the
CVS tree for ardour2 is now ready for work. Everything except gtk_ardour
compiles, and I spent some of last week doing my own initial work on
gtk_ardour. Quite a bit of it will compile, but there is much more to
do. I believe that with the examples in place already (see below), it
makes more sense to distribute the work as much as possible now.

1) Access
   Those of you with CVS access, the new CVSROOT is


   and the module name is ardour2.

   For those of you without direct CVS access, there are now
   nightly (or more frequent) tarballs at:


2) What to do

At this time, I think the best course of action is to find a file
that uses Gtk::CTree or Gtk::CList, and convert it to use
Gtk::TreeView. You will find examples of how to do this in


The mixer_ui.cc file contains 3 different treeviews; try to ignore the
group_display one since this is much more complex than the other two.

So pick one file from:


email this list to "grab" it, and then convert it so
that it will compile with "scons thefileipicked.o". 

You may need to make changes to other header files to get a particular
file to compile. That's fine. I also request that you change any
header files that you touch which include <gtkmm.h> so that it instead 
includes <gtkmm/foo.h> for every widget type "foo" that is used in the
header. This helps speed up compilation.
I would also like a volunteer (if someone is willing) to look at the
new UIManager class and Actions, and coalesce all of ardour's menus to
use this system, which is cool, flexible and powerful. There is some
reasonable documentation on this at www.gtkmm.org.

When done with a file, send me a diff -u ASAP, and I'll get it
committed. Please don't commit directly so that I can resolve
conflicts if there any. I would also like to look over changes because
there are a few high level alterations we need to make that this will
help remind me of.

I will start tackling ardour_ui.cc, editor*.cc and then (or as part of
it), tackle the canvas -> C++ conversion.


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