[ardour-dev] ardour2 work

stefan kersten steve at k-hornz.de
Wed Nov 30 12:38:45 PST 2005

On Wed, Nov 30, 2005 at 03:07:41PM -0500, Doug McLain wrote:
>  -o gtk2_ardour/export_dialog.o gtk2_ardour/export_dialog.cc
> gtk2_ardour/export_dialog.h: In constructor 
> 'ExportDialog::ExportDialog(PublicEditor&, ARDOUR::AudioRegion*)':
> gtk2_ardour/export_dialog.h:113: warning: 'ExportDialog::cue_file_label' 
> will be initialized after
> gtk2_ardour/export_dialog.h:86: warning:   'Gtk::Alignment 
> ExportDialog::channel_count_align'
> gtk2_ardour/export_dialog.cc:93: warning:   when initialized here

this is due to field constructors in the initialization term
being called in an order different from the respective field


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