[ardour-dev] gtk2 port q

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun Nov 27 09:26:13 PST 2005

On Sun, 2005-11-27 at 15:46 +0100, Karsten Wiese wrote:
> hi all,
>  shall ardour-menus.xml stay empty?
>  What menus shall it define?

for now it needs to be empty because we have to get the ordering of
action-adding correct - all actions have to be added before we ever call
get_widget() to retrieve a menu/menubar. otherwise, it causes odd

>  is  Gtk::MenuItem *save_template_item to be used?
>  how shall it be initialized?

almost all Gtk::MenuItem* foo_item variables have no use anymore. All
"set sensitive" operations should be carried out on the underlying
Action, not the menu item.

why? because an Action can have several proxies: accelerators, buttons,
menu items. making the action sensitive/insensitive takes care of all of
them at once.


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