[ardour-dev] ardour2 compiles, runs and crashes

Doug McLain dougmclain at cayf.org
Fri Nov 25 20:10:44 PST 2005

Here is a 2nd patch for RedirectBox, making full use of the facilities 
provided by ActionManager.

Paul Davis wrote:
> as of right now, the ardour2 CVS tree compiles and builds an executable.
> it crashes before getting too far, but that is only to be expected.
> work on CVS for the next several days/week will need to be carefully
> coordinated, because it is hard to fix later bugs without fixing the
> early ones. until the program comes up and stays up, we need to
> serialize work on CVS.
> so, if you plan to try to fix *anything* in CVS, send a message to this
> list before starting, and commit after even the most trivial bug fix.
> thanks. onward!
> --p
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