[ardour-dev] TAP stereo effects problem

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Mon Nov 14 17:04:10 PST 2005

I'm not sure if this is a problem with the plugin or with Ardour.  If I
accidentally select TAP Stereo Echo (or other TAP effect with 2 ins and
outs) for a mono track, when I select OK in the resulting error message
Ardour segfaults.  This happens about 8 out of 10 times.  I have been
unable to get it to occur with other 2 in/2 out effects but I haven't
tried them all.  The best solution is for me not to screw up and select
stereo effects for mono tracks ;-)  Just thought I'd throw this one out
in case someone has any idea of what's happening.

Jan "Evil Twin" Depner
The Fuzzy Dice

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