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Karsten Wiese annabellesgarden at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 10 07:55:58 PST 2005

Am Donnerstag, 10. November 2005 13:08 schrieb Paul Davis:
> Karsten, first let me say how much i appreciate the really significant
> effort you put into this (series of) patches. however, as it stands i do
> not want to apply this patch. 
> the main reason for this is that the approach you took to handling
> canvas events (which compromises a substantial fraction of the overall
> patch) is the opposite of what i wanted to do (and have started doing).
> because we are using a C++ canvas object now, there is no need for any
> canvas event handlers that are directly connected to the C-level
> signals, and then proxy to the "real" ones: Gnome::Canvas and the
> compiler will take care of those for us.
> we also have a new implementation of the new session dialog, making the
> work on that redundant, and doug mcclain is working on the plugin
> selector, with various improvements. applying this patch will make it
> harder to integrate both of those efforts.
> i will try to go through your patch and extract the small "individual"
> changes that are not covered by my comments above. i think we've taken
> somewhat different approaches to the gtk2 stuff - i want to do as much
> as possible in the "right" way at the source code level, then work on
> fixing the inevitable run time issues. i do understand your desire to
> create something that just runs and then improve things from there.
> thanks again for all the work, and i hope you will keep a steady flow of
> other patches coming. the size_allocate() patch, for example, looks
> perfectly fine.

If you extract 'small "individual" changes', please do so from attached
version of the patch.
Interesting new stuff in it is the use of Gnome::Canvas::Rect
instead of Gnome::Canvas::SimpleRect (gtk2_ardour/simplerect.h)
and a fix in gtk_custom_ruler_*:  s/GTK_OBJECT/G_OBJECT_GET_CLASS/ .
Those fixed a linker error and a runtime error. 

Does the use of Gnome::Canvas::Rect instead of SimpleRect fit the strategy?

Patch lets ardour2 show the new session dialog
(as an empty small window)
on top of the main window without crashing now.
So it can be used to exercise the new new session dialog ;-)

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