[ardour-dev] MTC is unusable - no it works, but...

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Thu May 19 16:10:41 PDT 2005

I'm using ardour to generate the code. I am syncing MUSE (JACK sync master)
to ardour (MTC master and JACK sync slave, on the same machine) controlling
ardour (MTC slave) on another machine. This works better than anything I
have ever used before.

Using this configuration if I move the play head in MUSE the playhead on the
MTC slave machine moves IN REAL TIME, I have never seen this behaviour with
MTC on any other system. It's magic.


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Hi Geoff,

> Must chime in here, Ardour to Ardour syncs to
> perfection for me. 

Just curious, what are you using to generate MTC?


The only
> issue is sometimes when I press record on the synced
> machine then press play
> on the master the record starts but stops after a
> few seconds; its erratic
> though,
> I've turned off MMC and Parameter Control. Not sure
> if this changed
> anything, tho it did seem to for a while.  
> Cheers,
> Geoff

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