[ardour-dev] xinerama/ matrox dual head issues

Matt Walker ard.walker at divasive.com
Tue May 10 14:04:19 PDT 2005

Has anyone else used this combination (X 4.3.0 / latest matrox beta driver for 
G450) and had strange results? Specifically, under certain conditions (like 
opening a plugin dialog) the ardour UI gets 'cut loose' -- no redraw except 
for the backgrounds and the exit button (which is unresponsive like 
everything else). When run under gdb (no debugging symbols), gdb itself won't 
respond and I have to kill the xterm. 

Some recent nightly tarballs behave better than others, so it might at least 
tangentially be related to the exercising of the gtk api? I haven't seen 
problems with any other gtk apps, but some QT apps segfault before the gui 
even appears. The latest Hydrogen does it sometimes, but the previous version 
wouldn't launch at all. 

I would like to be part of the solution, but I'm not sure where to start 
looking, Any X-perts lurking out there who might comment?


Matt Walker

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