[ardour-dev] Ardour tarball visually unusable after installation - now with a crash!!

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat May 7 13:28:14 PDT 2005

>    Mine will run using either /etc/ardour files, those in my home
>directory, or a combination thereof.  Is there an easy way to modify the
>color scheme?

for various definitions of easy, sure.

the thing to do for now (and if someone else doesn't do it soon, i
will have to in order to keep those of you who are scared of The Dark
Side) is this:

      a) grab the old "classic" ardour_ui.rc
      b) grab the new/current ardour_ui.rc. search through to about
          line 2070 to find a comment about all styles below that
	  point being  for canvas items.
      c) copy that comment and everything from there to the end of
          the file into the older ardour_ui.rc
      d) install the modified ardour_ui.rc into the right place or
          set ARDOUR_UI_RC
      c) play

of course, if you are willing to start with the current dark theme,
just start from the current ardour_ui.rc ...

meanwhile doug "nostar" is at work cleaning up the existing
ardour_ui.rc so that modifications will become more
straightforward. the current version of the file is extremely large.


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