[ardour-dev] MTC patches to 0.9beta28

Per Sigmond per at sigmond.no
Wed Mar 16 00:18:58 PST 2005


Some of you may be interested in testing these patches. At my rig they fix most
(all) problems with MTC syncing both in master and slave mode :-)

Changes (and fixes) in patch 1:
Slave mode:
- add time elapsed since quarter frame 0 was sent (two smpte frames)
Master mode:
- align quarter rame burst transmission with last quarter frame
- frames field in quarter frames sometimes exceeded maximum value

Fixes in patch 2:
- smpte offset now works in both master and slave mode
- no MTC messages are now sent at negative SMPTE time
- slave now stops when quarter frames stop (e.g. you pull the cable), and starts
again at the right location when quarter frames reappear (e.g. put the cable

Best regards,

Per Sigmond
Gjert Sorensensvei 5
4879 Grimstad

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