[ardour-dev] MTC sync

Aaron Trumm thirdoption at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 12 11:37:39 PST 2005

> Ardour as MTC master will never be "right and tight". Only MTC slaves
> that use the same (albeit correct) algorithm as  Ardour & Samplitude
> will stand any chance of locking to it.

I haven't been dealing with this much lately since I've been moving across
the country...

where's ardour on being the MTC slave?  is that easier?

the way you explained it to me months ago made it very clear that until the
Kernel changes a good bit, there cannot be good MTC from ardour because
(because of the kernel) it sends a sync signal that is bursty rather than
solid so the idea of offsetting to compensate isn't going to work...is that
still what you're talking about here?

but yeah, my question now is how does this all affect ardour being the MTC
slave?  in my studio, that would be just as good

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