[ardour-dev] first meter in pi, then this...

Josh Karnes jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com
Tue Jun 28 11:46:49 PDT 2005

ok so i cracked up some time back when someone was testing the time sig. in 
Ardour with pi...  but this takes the cake... sorry for the way OT post.

A Turkish drummer has had a lifelong ambition to visit America to study jazz 
drumming with his idols. In order to earn enough money for the venture he 
has joined 'Abdul Ahmed's Club Date Band,' which specializes in Turkish folk 
music and is much renowned in the circuit of well-paid society gigs.
After saving up enough money he leaves the band and moves to New York where 
he takes private lessons from his favorite drummers, Steve Gadd and Elvin Jones.
After two years of hard study and penniless, he returns to Turkey, where 
necessity once again forces him to join the famous Abdul Ahmed. Eager to 
show off his recently acquired jazz licks, the drummer crams every available 
space in the arrangements with fills and breaks of astonishing complexity, 
displaying all of his breath-taking technique. After enduring an hour of 
deafening pyrotechnics, Abdul Ahmed approaches the drummer during the 
intermission and takes him to one side.
"You know, I think what you are doing is very nice. Very, very nice." He 
says smiling patiently. "But for this kind of music all I want from you is a 
simple backbeat on seven and nineteen."

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