[ardour-dev] French translation of ardour

Alain Fréhel alain.frehel at free.fr
Sun Jun 26 04:25:20 PDT 2005

Le samedi 25 juin 2005 à 15:09 +0200, Petter Sundlöf a écrit :
> Hello  Alain.
> May I ask a question: how do you use translations in Ardour? I've done a 
> swedish one but cannot use the .po file. I've tried various locale 
> settings and none work.
> Could you tell me what you use?

Hi Peter,

There are other files to tweak in order to have your translation to be
used. I can't really help you on this 'cause I'm far from being an
expert with the gettext system used in ardour. You should send your
translated .po files to Taybin Rutkin (CC'd) who's in charge with the
localisation of ardour. He will integrate them so that you will be able
to compile ardour in Swedish just by setting your usual sv_SE locale.



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