[ardour-dev] qwerty overlay of keybindings

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 10 18:37:45 PDT 2005


In response to a suggestion by Sampo here's a qwerty
keyboard overlay for the Ardour keybindings.

1. It includes color icons. I'd be curious to know if
anyone doesn't have a color printer.
2. The dimensions are greater than most modern
keyboards. Mine is an old IBM.

I'm not real interested in producing a version without
color. However, I'd be happy to give the Scribus file
to anyone that wants it.

I'm willing to produce a size to fit modern keyboard
dimensions but this will require removing at least one
paragraph from each of columns located above the
F-Keys and it might reduce the row below the F-keys to
one paragraph. I think we'll need to dump one of the
columns to reduce width. Reducing font size could make
it to difficult to view.

1. There are to many listings. When viewing it on a
monitor my eye sees a big garbled blob.
2. Some of the abreviations are cryptic.

The big garbled blob (BGB) needs help. As a typical
reader I am intolerant of graphics that require more
than a second to understand. In its current form the
BGB is easy to reject.

I think a 30% character reduction, improvements to
abbreviations and better categorization for related
bindings could make it useful. A seperate poster could
be designed as an addition to the overlay.

A well designed poster could include more insites into
the usefullness of certain bindings; next and previous
region nudge, etc.

The colored icons help associate bindings with
functionality which goes a long ways in striving for
the 1 second comprehension threshold. I suspect
increased use of colors could add to the confusion.

It would be cool to recieve suggestions for
improvement. I'd like this thing to be worthy of
inclusion in the Ardour manual, make it available as a
download at ardour.org or whatever. Then again, maybe
I'm the only one who doesn't know all the bindings
already. :)


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