[ardour-dev] new ardour osx binary

Eric Gilbert eric at gilbertduo.org
Tue Jan 18 20:50:48 PST 2005

Thanks. I am new to ardour, and I have really been wanting to try it on 
my mac (10.3.7). I installed jackosx version 0.51, but ardour bails out 
without ever loading the GUI. In the system log, there was originally 
this message:

dyld: /Applications/Ardour.app/Contents/Resources/bin/ardour can't open 
library: /usr/local/lib/libjack.0.dylib (No such file or directory, 
errno = 2)

So I soft-linked /usr/local/lib/libjack.0.dylib to 
/usr/local/lib/libjack.dylib, installed by jackosx. Then, these 
messages appeared in the system log:

dyld: /Applications/Ardour.app/Contents/Resources/bin/ardour Undefined 
/Applications/Ardour.app/Contents/Resources/bin/ardour undefined 
reference to _jack_client_open expected to be defined in 
/Applications/Ardour.app/Contents/Resources/bin/ardour undefined 
reference to _jack_get_client_name expected to be defined in 

...more of the same...

I have uninstalled jackosx and I am now going to try compiling the 
latest jack from CVS on my mac. I will let you know if it works.

Thanks again,

On Jan 18, 2005, at 10:03 AM, Taybin Rutkin wrote:

> I've updated the macosx binary at http://ardour.org/ardour-beta.dmg. 
> The download is only 17MBs now. It's from today's CVS, which while it 
> has problems, is much better than the previous 0.9.beta19. Could 
> mac-enabled people try it out and let me know that it works? It 
> doesn't come with jack, so you'll either need jack or jackosx to run 
> it.
> Taybin
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