[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Jan 13 14:16:01 PST 2005

  * comment box changed to popup-from-button

  * meter and fader size changed from 186 pixels to 250
     "Enhanced fader sensitivity"

  * hide Master bus in editor window of a new session

  * if a new session is requested from the command line,
       preload the New Session dialog with the name+path,
       and display the configuration tab.

  * no GUI-based rec-enabling of the session if there are
       no tracks, plus message explaining what to do.

  * show more rulers by default

  * track port name changes, so that changing the name of a track
       doesn't interfere with making JACK port connections

  * update solo state after route removal

  * libardour: 0.856.0
    ardour/gtk: 0.557.0
    libgtkmmext: 6.2.4


  You *must* ensure that you update the pixmap directory where ardour
  looks for pixmaps is updated. "make install" will take care of this,
  but if you do not run "make install" (i.e. you run ardour from the
  source tree) this may require some manual intervention.

  You will also need to update your ardour_ui.rc file.

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