[ardour-dev] code monkeys

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Jan 7 12:22:41 PST 2005

so far, we have 

   steve harris
   jan depner
   florian schmidt
   nick murtagh 


the heads up goes like this: right after we release 1.0, i will create
3 new directories in CVS, gtk2_ardour and gtkmmext2, and temporarily
gtkmm. there will be a new top level configure.ac file that provides
--with-gtk2 and --with-gtk1 to choose what we compile against.

.../gtkmm  will just be some release of gtkmm, probably 2.6.
gtk2_ardour will have been run through a perl script to do the major
conversion (e.g. button_press_event -> on_button_press, etc.)

gtk2_ardour contains 102 C++ files, 14 C files, and 105 .h headers.

the rough plan will be take a C++ file that does not contain
canvas-*.h and does not use a CTree or a CList. it might compile
already. if not, fix it so it does. wash, repeat.


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