[ardour-dev] the development process

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Jan 7 06:27:14 PST 2005

>Yes, there is ksi, but as you yourself have said on IRC Paul, it is only=20
>useful for recording and live mixing at this stage. If an accessible=20
>GTK2 port is not possible, perhaps at the same time some of us could=20
>improve ksi ardour to provide close to, if not the same experience one=20
>gets from the GUI version.

I don't buy into this idea, but I'm willing to support people who want
to try it.

As I have explained before, ksi already handles recording+mixing
better than i think you can do with a screen reader. what the GTK UI
provides for is editing, and it does so in large part by reducing your
mental memory requirements by making a visual display of the session
state. if you can't see what is on the screen, the GTK editing
facilities are close to useless, whether you can control them or
not. This is only a hunch, I can't prove it, but its what would keep
me from being directly involved in an accessibility-improving
effort. As I said, I will be happy to answer questions, fix deep
structural issues if they benefit people and merge patches for it.


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