[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Jan 6 07:43:39 PST 2005

  * make "active" check menu item in track controls context menu
     be in correct state at startup

  * use nick mainsbridge's brilliantly simple "later regions are
      on higher layers" idea

  * remove all explicit control over layering from ardour/gtk

  * fix nasty thread/race condition bug when building peakfiles
      for imported/embedded audio. two threads could be
      reading from the same file at the same time, and under
      some circumstances could stomp on each others activities.

  * fix potential (suspected) race condition associated with
      peakfile request submission and handling. may affect
      some reported "hangs" when importing/embedding audio.

  * actually use two-stage regionview creation (rects first,
      waveforms later) by refactoring SndFileSource's use of
      its primary mutex. makes regionviews 

  * fix attempt to access an illegal column of the file selector
     in the library/file browser.

  * add pthread id to "posix signal received" message

  * require use of --new/-N flag to create new sessions from the 
     command line

  * remove "exiting foo thread" and "stopping bar thread" messages

  * from shutdown, don't kill the GUI thread if its not running 

  * add EnvelopeChanged Change to AudioRegion, playlist saves
      state when this or *any* region change occurs. this fixes
      a class of bugs where undo after a region was removed
      fails to fully restore the region's state.

  * libgtkmmext: 6.2.2
    libardour:   0.855.0
    libpbd:      2.7.2
    ardour/gtk:  0.554.0

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