[ardour-dev] Re: Interesting Ardour OSX VST Issue

Taybin Rutkin taybin at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 28 06:53:10 PST 2005

I'm glad to hear of your successful experience.  I have an updated VST enabler that might work better during recording and other realtime usage.


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I installed the latest version or Ardour OSX and VST plug-ins are
working wonderfully, where possible.  I thought you might find it
interesting that I installed some free pluggo VSTs but I don't have
pluggo, so when launching Ardour, an error came up in the OSX (cocoa?)
gui.  (The message was not produced in an X11 window.)  Anyway, the
error said "x" plug-in was unable to launch because there was no pluggo
installed.  Anyway, it had an "OK" button to click, but it was
unclickable.  (Clicking had no effect.)  In any event, Ardour didn't
launch and I had to throw out the plug-ins and restart to get rid of the
error screen.  After getting rid of the problemed plug-ins Ardour worked
flawlessly.  The interesting question that arises is how are the regular
OSX gui and x11 related?  Automation is fine also, by the way


Speaking of automation, is there a way to link the automation of
multiple pan controls in a multi-channel track?


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