[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Feb 22 18:38:45 PST 2005

    * when entering and exiting regionviews with visible gain
      envelopes, show/hide control point as per automation tracks.

    * correct placement of new (clicked) region gain control points
    * don't brush a new region over the original

    * change height of "in-progress" regions/rects while recording
      if track height is changed

    * when splitting or separating regions, correctly select
      just part of the parent region's gain envelope. also
      added a fix to XML loading code to fix broken
      end points of region gain envelopes caused by
      incorrect implementation of the above issue.
    * fix incorrect logic for region separate/cut edits
      when range starts before a region and extends into it.

    * made polarity inversion work even when gain is at 1.0 (0dB)
    * save+restore route active status

    * remove code that duplicated work done by realpath()

    * libardour:  0.875.0
      ardour/gtk: 0.577.0

Known issues to be fixed before next release:

  - multi-region brushing
  - MIDI binding for buttons
  - loss of MIDI binding related to MMC commands
  - there's always more

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