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Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Sat Feb 19 07:45:18 PST 2005

Paul Davis wrote:

>>1) I start QJC and Ardour. I set Ardour to Positional Sync-> Sync with
>>Jack. I push play on QJC and Ardour follows the Jack transport. I hit
>>pause. Ardour stops. Good so far. I then start Muse. I hit Play in
>>Jack's transport. Muse moves but Ardour doesn't.

Actually, I have seen this too but in previous releases. In my case, I 
think ardours nutz n bolts were working but the gui was not. As I 
recall, a simple uninstall and re-install fixed it on Mdk 10.1.


>That is, uh, interesting. I've not seen that reported. I never use
>Muse. I know that Ardour+Hydrogen works fine, and I've heard that
>Ardour+Rosegarden works fine. You can also drag the H2 "cursor" around
>(or click it to position it) and Ardour will follow it.
>>NOTE: Without giving it deep thought I'd love it if it was the Jack
>>transport for all Jack apps. If Ardour, Rosegarden, Muse, by DESIGN
>>had no transport and were forced to do development using QJC's
>>transport then it would likely really work for us users.
>Well, you can always just tearoff the ardour transport panel and use
>that :)
>The problem with an external transport controller is that it can't
>know about certain specific things inside of any one app. Ardour, for
>example, has "play loop" and "play range" buttons. QJC can't send
>commands to do this at the moment, and even if it could, it has no
>idea if a given JACK client *has* a range selection at that time. 
>Other examples would include things like "step back" or "step forward"
>- these operations are sometimes a function of the representation
>being used by a given program. 
>And finally, of course: there are people who use JACK but don't use
>qjc, amazingly enough :) Oh, did I mention jackosx, ardour on osx, and
>all that, too?
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