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On Tue, 2005-02-15 at 18:38 -0500, Paul Davis wrote:
> i am having a conversation with an editor from o'reilly:
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> This looks interesting.  Tell me more:
> -- How many people are actively using Ardour in day-to-day operations?  In
> other words, what's the installed base right now?
> -- How many downloads of Ardour have there been?
> -- Are there any "high profile" users?  For example, did Green Day record
> their latest and greatest using Ardour?
> I'm trying to establish the current market size and growth rate which, in
> turn, will help me determine the potential for sales of books about the
> tool.
> The program looks cool to me as someone who has spent many, many hours in
> recording studios (as a musician).  However, my experience has been almost
> entirely analog and my digital recording experience is limited almost
> entirely to a single recording session in a ProTools environment, and in
> using Garageband on my Mac at home to replace my Tascam PortaStudio ;-)
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> what should my answers be?

I own a small studio called 'Ty Drwg', where I record some bands and do
telly and voiceover stuff.
Sadly, most does not get credited with the studio's name. :)
Most of my work nowadays is session musician and performing though.

The main studio computer dual boots Win2k and Linux. CubaseSX on the
Win2k, and Ardour on Linux with a delta 1010. The other computer is for
effects and synthesis and runs Linux, PD freqtweak etc. Ardour is a
mixer and scratchpad on it.

I've used Ardour for some voiceover sessions, when win2k had
unexpectedly self destucted. It worked fine.

I don't trust Ardour yet for doing an album on though, and have quite a
large investment of both money and time in Windows audio software... 

I just like the way Ardour feels and works, and hate the idea of my
music being held ransom by a dongle or online serial identification
thing, so I keep using it.

> --p
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