[ardour-dev] last call for fix-lets

Olivier Doaré nolv at free.fr
Wed Aug 31 12:40:51 PDT 2005


Paul Davis a écrit :

>if you've got any fix-lets for ardour pending that you have not been
>told were committed, please let me know. 
I'm sorry if i don't undderstand exactly what you mean by "fix-lets" but 
i have sometimes a crash during "real work" that i couldn't reproduce 
with dbg and that seems to be unreported:

During playback, add a plugin and show its UI (without stopping 
playback) -> sometimes ardour severely crashes. I don't know if it 
arises with all ladspa plugs, but it arised at least with SC4, SE4 and 

After a few retries this evening, i finally managed to crash a freshly 
compiled ardbg. Here is what it says:

(gdb) run
Starting program: 
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
[New Thread -1221237056 (LWP 21431)]
[New Thread -1221542992 (LWP 21434)]
   (fonctionnant avec 0.601.0 avec libardour 0.897.0)
Copyright (C) 1999-2005 Paul Davis
Certaines parties Copyright (C) Steve Harris, Ari Johnson, Brett Viren, 
Joel Baker

Ardour est distribué sans AUCUNE GARANTIE
Ceci est un logiciel libre, et vous êtes encouragé à le distribuer
sous certaines conditions ; voir le fichier source pour les conditions 
de distribution.
Loading UI configuration file /home/oliv/.ardour/ardour_ui.rc
Loading system configuration file /etc/ardour/ardour_system.rc
Loading user configuration file /home/oliv/.ardour/ardour.rc
Detaching after fork from child process 21435.
err:font:ReadFontDir Can't open directory "/usr/share/fonts/ttf/western"
Loading required GL library /usr/X11R6/lib/libGL.so.1.2
[New Thread -1282999376 (LWP 21437)]
[New Thread -1284060240 (LWP 21438)]
ardour: [INFO]: detecting VST plugins along /usr/local/lib/vst:/usr/lib/vst
ardour: [WARNING]: Your system generates "Mod2" when the NumLock key is 
pressed. This can cause problems when editing so Ardour will use Mod3 to 
mean Meta rather than Mod2
ardour: [ERROR]: KeyboardTarget: unknown action "toggle-recorder-window"
[New Thread -1296110672 (LWP 21439)]
[New Thread -1304503376 (LWP 21440)]
Loading session /home/oliv/musique/projets/pourdlagratte/pourdlagratte 
using snapshot pourdlagratte
[New Thread -1314673744 (LWP 21441)]
[New Thread -1323066448 (LWP 21442)]
[New Thread -1331991632 (LWP 21443)]

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread -1304503376 (LWP 21440)]
0xb7e7b08a in ARDOUR::PluginInsert::automation_snapshot ()
   from ../libs/ardour/libardour.so


>i'm almost done with commits
>for beta30, and i'd like to not miss anything, because i want
>beta30->0.9 to be about nothing but fixing problems with the existing
>changes (and possibly adding sampo's SSE optimizations, we'll see).
>nick m: i have your recent patch, and will rip out the good bits.
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