[ardour-dev] Deafening noise from plugins when auditioning/unmuting

Remco Poelstra remco at beryllium.net
Thu Aug 25 14:00:27 PDT 2005

Tom Szilagyi wrote:
> I have also noticed a phenomenon previously that may be related
> to this issue. Sometimes Ardour gets kicked from jack (in fact,
> this almost always happens at the end of a recording session when
> playback & recording is being stopped, never in the middle of the
> recording or when there is only playback). On these occasions I
> restart Ardour, and while the session is loading, I sometimes hear
> a very short sound impulse in which I can recognize some of the
> previously recorded tones, so it's not just random noise, but
> some existing session data.

Are you sure that you zero all buffers in jack if you don't place audio 
data in them? I had this similar problem and doing a memset() if I 
didn't had audio data available solved it.


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