[ardour-dev] gcc4 / x86_64 build fixes

Doug McLain dougmclain at cayf.org
Tue Aug 16 22:20:10 PDT 2005

In order to get a successful ardour build on gcc4 / x86_64, i had to 
make the following modifications.  Be advised that I was able to build 
ardour successfully on a 64 bit fc3 machine, and the following problems 
were all 64 bit specific issues, which is why I stress gcc4 and 64bit.

I added the -fPIC flag to the sigc++, pbd, soundtouch, and midi++ libs. 
  I did this by manually editing the later 3's SConscript file, adding 
it to the CCFLAGS var.  Since sigc++ still uses autostools, I just 
cheated and manually edited the Makefile and rebuilt that directory 
manually.  I couldn't figure out how to do it right.

In gtk_ardour/utils.cc compilation failed on lines 466 and 478 because 
of casting a void* to a gint and int, respectively (the error was due to 
loss of precision).  I changed both casts to a gint64:

466:pane->set_position ((gint64) pane->get_data ("rpos"));
478:collapse_direction = (gint64) pane->get_data ("collapse-direction");

I'm not sure if these are the desired fixes, but Ardour now builds fine 
and runs.  I'm having performance issues with JACK, but when JACK 
behaves, Ardour appears to run fine.


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