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I know, this is a very okd topic, but I think all information about
this issue is great.

The Brazil's current Minister of Culture, and one of the most famous
Brazillian artists, Gilberto Gil recorded a song called "Máquina de
Rítmo", using ardour. This song is released under a creative Commons
More information about this issue:

More information about Gilberto Gil

Link to download th song (unfortunatelly, the ogg version is not
availiable in the page (some problem ocurred).

There is a video edited with cinelerra, ehre you can see in some
scenes ardour working, but I couldn't find it (same problem of the ogg

I hope you enjoy


On 2/17/05, Chris Ross <chris at tebibyte.org> wrote:
> Paul Winkler escreveu:
> > If you're wondering how many of us would buy an Ardour book from
> > O'Reilly, I certainly would. I can't really speak to any
> > of the explicit questions he asked.
> > I actively use ardour, but not nearly every day, and not for
> > anything "pro".
> That answer pretty much goes for me too.
> Ardour is very useful to enable [our band] to decide in advance exactly
> what we're going to record before going into a "proper" studio to record
> it. We can send partial mixes round to each other (e.g. via email or
> ftp), add, say, a bass part then discuss it online without having to
> book rehearsal studio time or even "commute" to each others' houses.
> In short, rather than replacing an existing technology the combination
> of Ardour and the internet enables us as musicians to do things that
> simply weren't possible for us before.
> Regards,
> Chris R.
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