[ardour-dev] Portable Protools rig?

Ronald Stewart ronaldjstewart at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 07:59:48 PDT 2005

About Trinity Audio Group

Trinity Audio Group (hereinafter referred to as "Company") is a
start-up firm specializing in portable digital audio workstation
development and production. The Company provides both professional and
consumer music industries with portable audio suites for digital
multitrack recording, sampling, editing and mixing - all for under
$1,000 U.S.

 The Company's flagship product in development is the (c)Trinity Audio
Workstation. The workstation is designed and engineered as a small
device (9" x 4.75" x 1.25") and operates on a custom embedded PC LINUX
audio kernel using our own hard disk recording software known as
(c)Transmission. The (c)Trinity workstation also has a graphical user
interface, onboard professional audio interface and an integrated
wi-fi module, to ensure a complete solution for digital music
creation, storage, management, distribution and broadcast.

 More than 95 million portable compressed audio players will be
shipped worldwide in 2006, up 70% from 2004 and the market will be
worth $58 billion by 2008 (International Data Group). We intend to
target this market, capturing the attention of music aficionados by
providing the first-ever small device portable audio workstation,
allowing customers to compose, record and mix their own music. Our
customer base spans professional recording engineers, project studio
enthusiasts, DJs, remixers, broadcast field engineers and, most
importantly, the burgeoning media creator/consumer youth market.

 The Trinity Audio Workstation has a manufacturer's suggested retail
price of $999.99, thereby presenting a cost-effective, digital studio
solution for music professionals and consumers alike. The product is
available for shipping in November 2005.

 In the future, the Company will offer its custom audio software as a
stand-alone product for use on laptop PCs and portable media players.
We are also currently working with one of the world's top DJs to
compile a music library and audio tools for maximizing music projects
with Trinity. The Company is also in the process of developing
internet radio RSS feed software (c)Rain, which will allow for internet
music broadcasting, and a server destination website for Trinity
customer music airplay. In this manner, the Company will foster a
community within its customer base, creating a virtual record label
and affording new distribution opportunities for emerging artists.

 For more information, contact Ronald Stewart at 310-733-9285 .

About Ronald Stewart, President, Trinity Audio Group

Ronald Stewart is the President of Trinity Audio Group. He is a
motivated entrepreneur with a successful 12 year track record of
profitable, small business ownership in music and action/hip-hop
apparel. As such, his experience has encompassed all aspects of
launching and managing businesses, including strategic planning,
research and development, creation and design, product development and
manufacturing, business affairs, artist management, marketing, sales
and distribution. Mr. Stewart also has worked extensively as a music
producer, sound engineer and re-mixer.

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