[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Aug 8 06:54:31 PDT 2005

   * important fix to prevent crackles and noise when plugin
     latency compensation is in effect.

   * ensure that declicks applied when the transport start up
     are applied to tracks that are delayed by plugin latency compensation.

   * move global transport declick to correct location in the route
     signal flow (sampo)

   * prevent mousewheel (or buttons 2 & 3) from having any effect in
     Input/Output dialog connected port lists.

   * ensure that gains are stored with sufficient resolution in the
     session file (sampo)

   * make all versions of gcc use the same fastlog code (nick/sampo)

   * sampo's "brickwall" mixgroup gain patch
        - if a mixgroup is active, changing the gain of any
	  member of the group is barred if it would change
	  the relative gain levels within the group.
	- because of the nonlinear motion of the faders, this
	  can cause visually odd behaviour if you have a group
	  that includes tracks with extremely low gain settings
	  along with others at 0dB or above. however, the audible
	  results are what you would really be expecting.

   * libardour:  0.896.0
     ardour/gtk: 0.600.5

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