[ardour-dev] testing plugin latency compensation and alignment

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Aug 1 19:50:09 PDT 2005

> I did a final test to try and isolate this....
> Test 7: Re-recording the recorded exactly in time click track. An
> artificial latency plugin set to 800ms is inserted on an unused audio
> track. Jack period is set to 512 frames.
> Ardour settings: Align recorded material with existing material.

how did you go about changing the JACK latency settings? did you exit
from ardour, or just reconnect it to JACK after restarting JACK?

> Record to track with loopback input 'alsa pcm capture:1'
> Recorded Click is late. First beat is at 700 frames rather than zero.
> As it was now at 700 frames late rather than the 2238 frames with the
> 2048 period size in jack, I assume the jack/soundcard latency was not
> being compensated. Changing the artificial latency setting and
> re-running the test made no difference to results.
> Hope this data is of some use. Didn't get so far as recording music this
> time. :) 

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