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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Mon Apr 25 04:24:24 PDT 2005

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i have build 0.9beta29 on my new Novell-Suse9.3 and here?s a brief
report regarding a minor but annoying issue with scons:

1.) PKG_CONFIG_PATH is now set properly by YAST, must only be adjusted
if one builds Jack or anything else from source and installs it to
2.) everything builds fine with Suse-Onboard-Packets except
Libsamplerate which can be build easily from its sources also.

3.) The Issue:

Scons works flawless but neither in man scons nor in the
Documentation-files of the tarball is mentioned, that one has to issue

scons install

after Build

- - i am not joking ;-) i tried for several houres to build as root (gtk
is not in roots PATH...) and running ardour.bin from the
Gtk-ardour-Dir(it really starts with a BW-GUI and even works with new
files but cannot reload files...).

So maybe it could be usefull to point the user to the fact, that it is
possible, to build as user and to install as root afterwards...

best regards

BTW.: 0.9beta29 runs just great, i am about to record a Radio-feature
with a local poet with ardour and credits to your Project will be on
every CD we send to the Stations.
thank you!!!

Alles Gut, bis bald


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