[ardour-dev] Remote control of transport

SAKURA sakura at s88003245.onlinehome.us
Sun Apr 17 17:42:08 PDT 2005

Anyone seen this?

All kinds of hacks and development are coming out for the little 
handheld console that costs more than it should. But seeing this got me 
interested in the possibility of using it as a remote transport control :)

I am alone in my studio, and if I can remote enable recording while I am 
recording my own vocals or guitar or whatever, that would be great.

Maybe sometime in the future we can see this happen... Just thought Id 
bring it up so someone with the ability might notice... Im sure theres 
another product or method that I can use for remote transport in Ardour, 
but there are some RPGs on the thing that I wanna play... And if I can 
use it for something constructive as well........... :)


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